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Business Valuation

Business valuation is a foundation to assist you in business planning and create defensible positions.


Business valuation to guide your decision-making, including:

Shareholder agreements or shareholder disputes: For new shareholder admissions, shareholder exits, or to resolve disputes.

Breaches of contract or tort cases: In some cases, particularly when the consequence of a breach is the demise of an entire business or of a major business segment, a measure of damages can be the value of the business or business segment.

Income tax estate freezes and corporate reorganizations: We provide practical valuations that meet or exceed Canada Revenue Agency’s standards.

Fairness opinions: To assist directors and shareholders of public companies at times when the corporation is undertaking a large transaction.

Employee share purchase and option plans (ESOPS): We provide valuations for ESOPS ““ including employee share purchase plans, employee stock option plans, and more creative vehicles, such as phantom stock plans.

Transfer pricing studies: Preparing the documentation required to demonstrate that related parties are pricing the sale of goods and services across national boundaries at appropriate prices, and avoiding the tax penalties that may otherwise apply.

Insurance claims: Valuation of a portion of a business, or in cases of catastrophic failure, the entire business.