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Forensic Accounting

Gathering financial evidence to establish exactly what happened or where funds went, requires financial and technical expertise that we bring to the investigation.


Forensic accounting to guide your decision making including:

Misappropriation: We conducted an analysis of the funds of a wealthy disabled senior, whose trustees inappropriately expended some of those monies. The analysis covered hundreds of transactions of varying amounts (including dozens of small ATM withdrawals) over a number of years. In many cases, there were no records. We constructed a database of the transactions, characterized those that could be properly coded, and conducted numerous analyses that considered various possibilities for the rest, eventually arriving at an accounting that was agreed upon by all.

Supplier review: Our client operated a large facility in Alberta’s oil patch, with numerous and sometimes overlapping capital projects at any one time. The activities of a project manager and several suppliers were suspect. We established an automated routine to have thousands of pages of documents electronically scrutinized, and ultimately reduced the number of documents requiring detailed manual analysis to a much smaller number. This permitted the review to be conducted in a far more time- and cost-effective manner.

Breach of lease exclusivity: In contravention of an exclusivity clause granted to one tenant, another tenant in a shopping plaza sold similar product. However, records were minimal. We analyzed the limited invoices, banking records, and other documents that could be obtained and were able to estimate the volume of competing product that was sold by that other tenant. We translated that into the lost profits of the harmed tenant.

Trespass by landlord: A landlord was found to have wrongfully terminated the lease of a tenant and taken possession of a restaurant and pub. The tenant sought only restitution damages (the cost of establishing the venture). However, the landlord had destroyed many of the related records following his wrongful possession. We were able to adequately reconstruct records and prepare an estimate, to the court’s satisfaction.

Competition claim: In contravention of competition legislation, a supplier sold an identical commodity to two competitors in close proximity to each other, but at slightly different prices. We analyzed the volumes sold, calculated the price differentials (which varied regularly) and established the amount of the claim.