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Damages or Accounting of Profits?

Jeff Pellarin is pleased to have contributed to the The Intellectual Property Institute of Canada’s November/December 2016 Bulletin, with "Damages or Accounting of Profits? A Valuator’s Guide on 5 Factors to Consider”. The article reviews the key differences between the two remedies, and suggests alternatives that may assist a plaintiff…
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Expert Witness Calgary
Admissibility of Expert Evidence

There has always been concern about potential conflicts in how experts are instructed and managed by counsel, and in particular, how draft reports and other of the expert’s work product should be managed in order for an expert’s report to be submitted as evidence in Canadian civil trials. This issue…
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Introducing our News and Resources page

Pellarin is excited to announce that we will be launching our News and Resources page in just under a month. Our News and Resources page functions as an educational and informational source to our clients and colleagues. We will regularly update the News and Resources section with news and information…
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